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Essentials oils to make your home smell good. Photo by La Fattina.

Essential oils are a great way to make your home smell good.  Not only do they smell great, they are natural and don’t create the same side effects as synthetic fragrances such as respiratory problems and sinusitis.  On top of that, they permeate the blood-brain barrier and make you feel great!

Try essential oils to:


  • neutralise odours in the bathroom and kitchen
  • freshen up the living room
  • add some romance to the bedroom
  • disinfect your floors & surfaces
  • add a fresh smell to your laundry

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Essential oils for feel-good factor

Ever sprayed a can of air freshener (or deodorant) in a windowless bathroom and begun to gag?

Ever felt that all this natural scent might not be so natural after all?

Along with being harmful – you need online do some research on the ingredients listed on the labels – synthetic fragrances often don’t smell either natural or good, so that’s when you need to get hold of a couple of spray bottles, oil burners, a diffuser and some essential oils to get rid of those nasty whiffs and add a little feel good factor to your home.

For the bathroom

  • Add 6 drops each of Lime, Lavender and Eucalyptus to a 100ml spray bottle full of water and spritz when needed
  • Add 5 drops each of Vetiver and Lemon to an oil burner to get rid of very nasty whiffs – burn for 15 mins

For the kitchen (spray, oil burner or diffuser)

  • After cooking fish, spray Lime and Lavender (same method as above) around the kitchen and surrounding areas
  • OR add the same oils to an oil burner or diffuser to deodorize the room
  • Add 6 drops each of Cypress, Lemon and Lavender to 100ml spray bottle full of water, oil burner or diffuser to create a more general air cleanser

For the bedroom (oil burner or diffuser):

  • Jasmine , Ylang ylang and Sandalwood to get those loving feelings flowing
  • Clove, Cinnamon and Orange to create a feeling of warmth
  • Frankincense, Orange and Vetiver to relax, unwind and drift away

For the floor

Add 6 drops each of Pine, Tea Tree, Lemongrass & Thyme to a bucket of water to mop the floors

For the surfaces

Add 15 drops each of Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Lavender to a spray bottle full of water and use to clean all surfaces

For the laundry

Add a few drops of your favourite oils to the rinse cycle of your wash

Add a few drops of Rose, Jasmine or Ylang ylang to the last rinse when hand washing your lingerie

Use Essential Oils to Make Your Home Smell Good

After mopping the floor, people will walk into your house, days after,  saying it smells amazing!  They’ll LOVE your bathroom and you’ll feel amazing in your bedroom.  Experiment with essential oils aromas that you like and look into hyrdrosols (flower waters) which can also be used as air fresheners or linen sprays.

Totally transform the smells of your home and how you feel when you’re in it.

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