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What Does Christmas Smell Like?

Essential oils that smell like Christmas. Photo by Christmas Stock Images

Mulled wine, eggnog, limoncello panettone….yum.  Christmas is fast approaching and our senses are being delighted with new smells, sights, tastes and sounds as fairy lights sparkle and mince pies come out of the oven.

You can keep your house smelling like Christmas in between bites of sugar-coated stollen and glasses of ginger wine with some spicy, citrus-y essential oils that warm up the atmosphere and stimulate your senses:

  • While they all smell good, some essential oils will invigorate a tired mind and other will relax a hectic one.
  • Some are aphrodisiac (!) and some are great for decision making.
  • They stimulate your appetite, keep colds at flu at bay and soothe a sore tummy stuffed full of turkey.

Essential oils are great for enjoying and getting through the busy Christmas season.  See also how to make your house smell good for neutralising odours and disinfecting all rooms in the house.

Essential oils that smell like Christmas

Try the following to warm up your home and stimulate your senses:

  • Cardamon – with a warm, sweet and spicy aroma, the distinctive smell of cardamon uplifts and re-engages our hunger for life. It also keeps our appetite on fire, allowing us to eat more mince pies than usual!  It is warming, helps to dispel over-thinking and worry about how much the season might be costing (!) and is also aphrodisiac, so partner with some mistletoe for some sweet loving action
  • Ginger - warm, sweet, spicy and woody at the same time, this aromatic essential oil will ease any respiratory congestion, keeping you and your loved ones healthy this season.  A good grounding oil, ginger will re-invigorate lost motivation, inner strength and help you with those resolutions for next year.  This is an oil of decision making.
  • Cinnamon – the familiar aroma of cinnamon is unmistakably of Christmas.  The warm, spicy, sharp aroma is great for our immune system, keeping colds and flu away.  Its uplifting and strengthening, so works well in the air as it invigorates people exhausted from a year of 60-hr weeks!
  • Orange - sweet, soft, fresh and zesty, sweet orange is delightfully uplifting and just plain yummy!  Making our mouth water, this aroma is good enough to eat and amazing when paired with any of these spicy oils.  Uplifting, positive and joyful, this is great for parties and celebrations. Great for burn out and indifference, orange will delight even the token Christmas scrooge.  It also reinforces the immune system, helps you to sleep and stops you panicking about all those relatives who are coming over!
  • Clove - strong, spicy, sweet and earthy, clove delights and inspires at every whiff.  Fantastic for the respiratory system, it will deal with any cold or flu symptom as it soothes and disinfects the air and our respiratory system.  Very good for strengthening a stressed out mind and body after slaving in the kitchen for hours preparing that turkey!

How to make  your home smell like Christmas using essential oils

You can use oils in a number of ways:

  • Oil burners - add 6 -10 drops of essential oils
  • Diffusers/ Aromastones - add drops according to manufacturer directions
  • Tissues – add up to 3 drops on a tissue and keep near you
  • Bowls of steaming water – add 6-10 drops to the bowl

DIY Winter Wonderland

If you’re the first one home, light the candles, switch on the tree, put on some Ella Fitzgerald and get the oils burning.  The next one who comes home will think they’ve walked into winter wonderland.

Team with mulled wine and mistletoe.

Enjoy! ;)

To create the fresh smell of a winter forest, see Make your home smell like Lapland

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